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Methoxy PEGs

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is a leading manufacturer and supplier of activated Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol (m-PEGs) for the conjugation of proteins, antibody fragments and peptides to improve the stability and the pharmaco-kinetic properties of drugs. With our GMP manufacturing capabilities and backward integration to highly pure Methoxy PEG-OH, we guarantee the quality and security of the supplies of our activated Methoxy PEGs (mPEGs) products. Our range of products include various activating groups such as:

  • Mehtoxy PEG Maleimides (mPEG-Mal)
  • Mehoxy PEG pNP-Carbonates (p-Nitrophenyl Carbonate PEG)
  • Mehtoxy PEG Propionaldehyde (mPEG-CHO)
  • Mehtoxy PEG Amine (mPEG-NH2)
  • Mehtoxy PEG NHS Ester
  • Mehtoxy PEG Iodoacetamides 
  • Mehtoxy PEG Thiols (mPEG-SH)

Why Methoxy PEGs services from Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

  • Full range of molecular weights (from 5kD, 10kDa, 12kDa, 20kDa, 30kDa, 40kDa, 50kDa and other custom weights)
  • Narrow polydispersity
  • Excellent levels of activation
  • Low diol content

Custom activated PEGs

Clients such as biotechs to large pharma organisations are selecting us for sample quantities, clinical and commercial supplies.

Our backward integration of key raw materials makes it possible to ensure a sustainable quality of the final activated mPEG throughout the manufacturing process. Our process to make high quality pharmaceutical grade mPEG-OH is patent protected.

Successful PEGylation requires several factors to be optimised such as site of PEGylation, chain length and mPEG linkers. Determining the optimum mPEG may require the testing of several activated mPEGs at different chain lengths. APS offers a range of activated linear mPEGs to enable our customers to find the ideal mPEG for conjugation of required quality, with high levels of activation, narrow polydispersity and low diol content.

We offer a broad range of activated Mehtoxy PEGs and our standard linear Mehtoxy Polyethelene Glycol chains weights are 5kDa, 10kDa, 20kDa, 30kDa, 40kDa, 50kDa and other weights available on a custom synthesis basis.

Analytical Capacities

The analysis of large polymeric materials such as PEGs can be challenging. Our analytical lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments such as Dual Angle Light Scattering Detectors (DALD) etc., and other analytical instruments and methods to determine the quality of our highly pure mPEGs.

Pegylation of Peptides

Our experts are regularly consulted for the right selection of pegylation technologies and the development of appropriate purification techniques to achieve suitable level of purity of the product. Our analytical team can develop and validate suitable analytical method for the pegylated peptides.