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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services provides pharma and biotech companies with access to our unique capabilities in peptide synthesis, such as:

  • Solid phase synthesis
  • Solution phase synthesis
  • Hybrid peptide synthesis

Our dedicated team of experts have a track record of synthesizing peptides ranging from simple linear peptides to its very complex forms from milligram to multi-gram quantities for your discovery and developmental research needs. The portfolio of peptides includes complex peptides ranging from simple side chain modification, derivatized peptides to conformationally constrained peptides i.e. disulfide bridged peptides, stapled peptides, lactam bridged peptides & head to tail cyclisations. In addition, we can offer the synthesis of fluorescent labeled peptides, linkers, cystine rich peptides and peptidomimetic chemistry.

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services offers state-of-the-art microwave synthesis, it enables high throughput synthesis of difficult to do peptide chemistry (e.g. synthesis of peptides with hindered and N-alkylated amino acids) and makes it possible to perform cycle times of 4-minutes while reducing the required amount of solvent by 90 %.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

Analytical infrastructure and purification technologies

  • CEM automated microwave peptide synthesizer
  • Analytical HPLCs
  • Flash chromatography
  • Reverse phase purification
  • Ion exchange chromatography
  • Salt exchange technologies
  • Preparative HPLCsLyophiliser
  • LC-MS

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services for Peptide services?

  • Seamless support from discovery to development
  • Value addition to your discovery projects through peptide design for potency, ADME and PK optimization for peptides
  • Long and branched chain peptide synthesis. (i.e. upto 70 AA)
  • Route scouting with process development and scaleup on multi-gram scale for all types of peptides
  • Synthesis of conformationally constrained peptides i.e. Lactam, Disulfide bridging, head to tail cyclisation’s etc.
  • Impurity profiling and characterization based on spectral methods