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mRNA Synthesis

High-quality, scalable, and customized enzymatic mRNA production. In vitro transcription (IVT) is the method of choice for producing long and stable RNA molecules such as mRNA, guide RNA, or long RNA.

Our offering

  • Customized mRNA synthesis using scalable and standardized processes capable of delivering milligram to multi-gram quantities with lengths ranging from a few hundred nucleotides to kilobases
  • Process development for customized manufacturing of in vitro transcribed RNA, including reagent proteins for IVT mRNA synthesis and capping
  • Synthesis and customized production of modified bases and bio-reagents
  • Reporter RNAs tailored to aid your expression studies. These are akin to fully processed mature mRNA, which ensures improved stability and performance. Our high-quality mRNA transcripts are ideal for functional analysis, therapeutics, diagnostics, and vaccine production.

Features of IVT mRNA synthesis service

  • RNA transcripts from plasmids, PCR products and cDNA
  • Conventional and Self-amplifying RNA (SAM)
  • Flexibility to choose transcriptional promoter (T7 or SP6)
  • Normal, unmodified mRNA synthesis
  • Use of modified bases in mRNA transcripts (Pseudo UTP etc.)
  • Several strategies for 5’ capping including but not limited to;
    • Co-translational capping with Anti Reverse Cap Analog (ARCA)
    • Post-translational Vaccinia capping system
  • Options to choose from Cap0 and Cap1
  • Template derived poly-A tail or enzymatic incorporation into the IVT mRNA
  • Well-characterized mRNA synthesis and purification processes
  • mRNA synthesis and purification under RNase free environment
  • Process optimization for scales up to gram quantities
  • Validated source for critical reagents
  • Standard and custom QC assays (both qualitative and quantitative)
  • Batch to batch consistency of the IVT mRNA
  • Endotoxin-free process
  • Delivered as solution or lyophilized

Additional services

  • Sequence design and gene synthesis (outsourced)
  • Customized sub-cloning
  • DNA purification and quantification
  • DNA sequencing verification
  • IVT template generation
  • Residual template DNA analysis
  • IVT reaction followed by purification
    • With or without DNase I treatment
    • Lithium chloride precipitation
    • Column based purification
  • RNA quantification
  • Purity check by Bioanalyzer, SE-HPLC
  • RNA length confirmation (Bioanalyzer, agarose gel electrophoresis)
  • RNA sequence confirmation
  • Endotoxin measurement
  • Bioburden testing of the final IVT mRNA sample
  • Qualitative and quantitative measurement of capping enzyme activity and efficiency
  • Expression and purification of IVT mRNA and capping enzymes
  • Buffer exchange for custom mRNA formulation
  • Conjugation and labeling of mRNA
  • Synthesis of guide RNAs by IVT and designing custom mRNAs for genome engineering
  • RNA structural studies

mRNA Pharmacology

  • Formulation development for mRNA delivery
  • Optimization of mRNA translation and stability
  • Immunogenicity testing

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